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To save money, possible grief, incorporate your business

Who is South Chi Marketing?

South Chi Marketing (located in South Suburban Chicago, Illinois) is a small profitable marketing company.  

Its main goal, LIKE ANY BUSINESS, is to make money online and be prosperous.  

We bend over backward to treat everyone with the utmost integrity, honesty, and respect.


We believe in and keep our customer-oriented creed.

We place our associate’s (whether online or off) desires, interest, and satisfaction first.  

We respect all online associates, and clients by providing them with honesty in our business transactions.  

We search the NET to discover then offer products or opportunities of very high quality.   

 We pride ourselves by providing assistance and guidance to the online small businesses,

solo professionals and would be entrepreneurs.


Every facet of our marketing effort is founded on finding the best. 

The best healthcare products.

The best business opportunities

Our focus and intent are to never publicize a product or opportunity that WE have not properly researched,

and shown it to be just what we have said about the product.

We strive to never promote any scams, unprofitable opportunities, or shoddy products.

With our assistance and guidance, many have found a path to success and profitability.


PRESIDENT AND CEO–Bobby Williams–Bobby Williams was awarded a bachelor and master degree in business.  

Mr. Williams has either managed or been a leader involved in off and online businesses.

He has about 20 years of full-time or part-time experience.

Over the years he has earned thousands of dollars online.  

His current online involvement has netted him thousands of dollars in profit and satisfaction.

VICE-PRESIDENT AND COO–Jonathan Wilks–has a bachelor degree management.  

He has also managed or been a top leader in a number off and online businesses.

He has either managed or been a director in a number of five-figure dollars a month online business opportunities.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER–Jay Anthony–has a bachelor and master degree in accounting and finance.  

He has worked for a number of accounting firms.

He has been involved in finance and accounting online for about 10 years.

VICE-PRESIDENT MARKETING–Hank Akershas a master degree in marketing.

He has made money online. In fact tens of thousands.

He is an expert at ferreting out and pick money making business opportunities.

He specializes in discovering and activating little-known ways to make money online.

VICE-PRESIDENT CUSTOMER RELATIONS–Janet Abrams–Ms. Abrams has a master degree in business.  

She’s responsible for keeping our client relations friendly and positive.  

She provides a positive company to client relationship. 

SCM always places it’s customers and visitors first.

We strive to be upfront in all areas of our business and marketing.

We Keep in step with our motto,

“the customer is our boss,”

and our creed, ” we strive to have integrity and honesty in our business transactions.

We assure you that your online shopping experience with us will be pleasant and rewarding.


Here you’ll find Blogs which discuss environmental and other processes that affect human health.

We’ll publish Blogs that’ll discuss our air, food and water supply

We talk about the environmental impacts of  electromagnetism  on human health

We’ll also review our perception of the United States’ medical profession and its impact on healthy living.

On the whole, we have to admit that all facets of the medical profession are needed, however;

Why do we need so many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals?

People of the medical profession is needed because the human population is sick.

Research reveals that just about every human being has some form of a medical disorder.

Many times these conditions don’t manifest themselves until a person has aged.

Some of these disorders are genetically induced but most are the result of lifestyle.

Even those conditions that are genetically induced are many times made worse by lifestyle. 

Are we just inherently sick or does the human lifestyle sometimes contribute to our illnesses?

Our research reveals that lifestyle is a big contributor to poor human health.

Very few of us escape our parents and our ancestors!

Even those of us who don’t show any negative genetic problems probably have them.

Hey! I see you have used the word lifestyle over and over in your discussion.  

What do you mean by the term lifestyle?

To our company’s researchers, lifestyle is the sum total of how people live their lives.

Take as an example the food we eat.

Almost from our date of birth, we consume many foods that contribute to the demise of our health.

Nutritional data reveals that very few doctors are experts in food and nutrition 

Their diet and nutrition recommendations are many times faulty.

There are a host of problems with the United State’s Air and water supply.

We tend to drink too much alcohol.

We Involve ourselves in too much activity that lowers the immune system.

We ‘re not medical people but we are thorough researchers and reporters. 

We write about the physical health problems we’ve uncovered in entities we take for granted

We discuss our findings and the nutritional facts regarding our food supply.

We ponder the questions regarding the safety of our food supply

We have encountered disturbing research on our air and water supply 

The air and water supply problems are thoroughly covered and reported on.

How about that Cell Phone can it cause brain cancer?

We’ve investigated the dangers of cell phone and other electromagnetic devices.


Health problems are or should be one of the major concerns of the human race.

Physical health problems plague us throughout our lifetime.

Is every human inherently ill or does lifestyle factors contribute to illness?

Our discovery centered on researching human surroundings and encounters.

We found disturbing evidence that our food supply is faulty.

That many of the foods the average human eats is poisoning him or her.

The earth’s air and water supply may be even more dangerous to human health than was thought

Is your Cell Phone killing you?  

We explore the detrimental impact of Cell phone use and other electromagnetic devices on human health

Have the medical professionals failed us?    Yes and No.  

The yes part of the answer is that greed and lack of concern have crept into these professionals.

This combination of greed and lack of concern have made many of these professionals less dedicated to human health and wellness.

There is evidence that physicians as the head of the medical professionals have partnered with the pharmaceutical industry.

Health and nutrition data show that the two have partnered about and fostered an interest in keeping people sick rather than healing them,

Except for medical problems like the ones listed below doctor visits should be at a minimum.

  1. Life-threating medical problems;
  2. Surgical procedures;
  3. Disease diagnosis; 
  4. Accidents;
  5. And, other traumas; and for
  6. Annual Physical Examinations.

We suggest that everyone has a private physician.

Except for the 6 conditions listed above, we suggest you attempt to minimize doctor visits. 

We believe people have become too dependent on the medical profession.

Ask yourself how did humanity survive before doctors and other professionals became plentiful.

Granted medicine has in the last 50 years made tremendous advances.

New medicines, treatments, and professions have contributed to these advances.

In these 50 years, the life spanned for humans increased, but did health improve, especially social health and mental health.

We surmise that human health only increased very slowly over these years.

The slow human health growth can be charged to lifestyle problems and the environment.

Our blogs and newsletters will focus on health problems caused by lifestyle and the environment.

Our communications will feature health improvements to be gained by lifestyle and consumption changes.

First, we believe that there are natural cures for almost any disease or malady.  

Some natural cures have either maintained or returned individuals to good health.

We feel we have an obligation to mankind to point out the many natural cures available.

Our examinations will concentrate also on the many processes that’ll slow the human aging process.

There are many non-drug, non-surgical methods to either prevent and/or cure almost all illness.

Our examinations will also concentrate on the many health-giving nutritional supplements, vitamins, and enzymes.

Those that have evidence producing and maintaining good health and slowing the human aging process.

And those that either maintain or return an individual to good health.

 We believe that various healthcare entities have a vested interest in having us get sick and remain sick.

We hope to teach about some very new and exciting things in our many weekly posts.

It is not our intent to select or emphasize any natural cure.

We will present, when discovered, natural cures for health maintenance and improvement.

It is up to the reader and his/her physician to decide or to decide not to try any cure we discuss.  

For example, many posts will cover topics such as eating healthy to lose weight

 Adopting healthy eating habits, and healthy weight loss foods, healthy foods,

And just about anything else that will limit the BIG THREE from getting us in their vise.

There’ll also be considerable coverage on electromagnetism.

We’ll examine dual nature magnetic waves and any other effects of radiation on the human body.

No health or wellness site would be complete if it did not explore our food source and food delivery,

We evaluate our food standards agency, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

The  FDA is responsible for food management and the USA’s food picture.  

They’re responsible to also present nutrition data, a healthy food list, and a balanced food nutrition chart.


The misconceptions broadcast to us by our air, food and water authorities are appalling.  

Transparencies by the various entities which have jurisdiction over our food, air, water, and even our environment, is either extremely poor or non-existing.  

Many times there have been evidence of the FDA letting the regulated agencies conduct their own study of regulated processes.

 These processes pertained to them, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A classic case above of the fox guarding the hen house.

Our water is probably not really consumable without a chemical bath.

(see our articles entitled, “Don’t Drink the Water,” and others.  

Even with the chemical bath is the water safe for human consumption?

Not really as there are many unregulated chemicals still in the water supply.

The above health-related problems and a plethora of others will be thoroughly explored in our weekly posts,

Read weekly for your good health.

The drug companies, hospitals, and even the various governments do not want your or anyone else to know what these natural cures are.  

(We welcome comments to all or any of our posts.) 

Our posts will point out these natural cures and provide answers on how to discover and implement them.  

All posts will cover some aspect of a natural cure and will be written in common language and plain English.


Interactions with us will always be an honest and profitable experience.

You’ll receive thoroughly researched and above board affiliate opportunities and health-related products.

All of the products offered are the same products used and consumed by members of our company.

We want you to prosper from our offerings.

We hope to teach about some very new and exciting things.

Read our many weekly anti-aging-plus-greathealth.com posts.

Read our newsletter.

We welcome any and all comments about this web page or the content on the web page.

Any questions about this page, send them to bgwillia@anti-aging-plus-greathealth.com.